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Physical Therapy Specialists (PTS) is a family-owned, multi-disciplined physical therapy practice in Orange County. We specialize in orthopedic physical therapy, spine care, sports injuries, sports medicine, pediatrics, and fitness. Founded in 2004, PTS seeks to continually improve the health of the local Orange County community we serve with a passionate commitment to clinical excellence and individualized patient care.

Relationship Centered Care

Physical Therapy Specialists has built its reputation as one of the best physical therapy providers in Orange County. We accomplish this by creating a compassionate and caring culture while developing trusting relationships with our patients and doctors. We realize that choosing a healthcare provider can be an overwhelming task and we are honored to be part of your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Higher Standard Of Care

As a privately owned practice, we have the freedom to personalize your care. Our examinations are designed to identify the core issues and not just the symptoms. Treatments include a combination of hands-on techniques, advanced technology, and exercise to address the underlying cause of pain.

Education And Empowerment

At PTS we educate and provide you the tools to take control of your lifestyle. It’s not just physical therapy, it’s a comprehensive approach which includes mindfulness, nutrition, injury prevention, and a transition into a personalized fitness program that focuses on keeping you out of the doctor's office. You will not find this kind of personalized treatment anywhere else.


Gain My Independence Back

Going to physical therapy has fixed my problem. I can now comb my hair, carry grocery bags, open doors, and pick up my grandson when he runs into my arms. I feel great and strong! I can use my arm again without any pain!

Get Back On The Field Faster

I am so grateful for the wonderful physical therapists and trainers at Physical Therapy Specialists. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and personable. They worked to get me back on the field as quickly as possible. Thank you, Physical Therapy Specialists!

Recover From Injuries Easily

It's my six-month anniversary for my left hip replacement! I am thriving, exercising a lot, and take kickboxing three mornings a week. My kicks are steadily getting higher and stronger. Fellow exercisers tell me how well I walk now.


We focus on total body wellness.


Neck pain can be so irritating! Let us help you understand and restore your neck to a pain-free state.

Our Neck Pain Guide


Though this area is less prone to injury than the lower back it can still cause a variety of painful conditions.

Our Mid Back Pain Guide

Lower Back

Lower back pain is something most people experience and simply try to deal with on a daily basis. Let us help you get on track with our physical therapy and lifestyle techniques to cut lower back pain from your life.

Our Lower Back Pain Guide


Shoulder pain can be one fo the most irritating conditions for our patients. Let us help you with that pain using our cutting edge physical therapy techniques.

Our Should Pain Guide


The elbow is a joint that is prone to wear and tear. Don't let your life be affected by elbow discomfort, PTS is here to help.

Our Joint Pain Guide


The wrist is another joint that is used daily, especially in today's world where a lot of us are interacting with computers on a daily basis. We can help you with physical therapy techniques and guidance to correct poor use of the wrist.

Our Joint Pain Guide


Often times hip pain goes un-diagnosed or mistreated. We search for the underlying causes and use our cutting-edge techniques to identify the actual causes of hip pain.

Our Hip Pain Guide


Knee pain is generally caused by trauma, but is part of the overall system of the leg. Any small problems with the surrounding muscles or joints can cause problems here. We can help you correct any knee pain you're experiencing.

Our Knee Pain Guide


Foot pain and discomfort can have so many causes, which is why it's important to have a trained physical therapist examine this area. Don't let foot or ankle pain restrict your life anymore, contact us today and view our free foot pain guide.

Our Foot Pain Guide


We're here to help you live a pain-free life.


We've got an expert team.

Our physical therapists and sports injury doctors use proven treatment techniques based on innovative clinical concepts.  We seek to create an outstanding customer experience that exceeds our clients, families, and referral sources' expectations.

Dr. Robert Inglis

Doctor of Manual Orthopedic Therapy

Krista Inglis

Pediatric Physical Therapist

Dr. Steven Snyder

Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Kim Clark

Pediatric Physical Therapist

I am very happy with the services that I received here!  Robert was great to work with and very knowledgable... I have been to other physical therapists but by far this one was the best!  If I ever need physical therapy again I will for sure be back!

Marie Z


I love this place. The therapy area is bright, cheerful and clean.  More important though, is the staff. There is a wonderful balance of professionalism, personalization and playfulness in the clinic that makes me look forward to my visits.  Everyone greets patients cheerfully as they arrive and they have continued to make me feel welcome, valued and cared for.

Christina D


Great place to get on the road to recovery. Robert is an outstanding physical therapist who knows what he is doing. His diagnosis and treatments are spot on! All of the employees are very pleasant and motivating. I have been through a lot of physical therapy over the years and this has been my best experience so far.

Debbie I


Robert and the whole staff are extremely helpful and patient. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy

Lori Q


I have been going to Robert for a couple of years, he treats my TMJ and he takes the headaches away for me or I would be in pain and in pain meds. Now I don't to take any meds, he also treats my aches and pains that happens from my workout routine.

Yippie Y


I have going to physical therapy for a few months. The staff is amazing. They really care for me and I make me feel very comfortable. They are very positive and professional. I would highly recommend anyone that needs physical therapy to go to this facility.

Rossy N


Very happy with this place! I have nothing but great things to say. The staff is nice, it's clean, no issues scheduling appointments, and the list goes on. I take both my sons to Kim who is a pediatric physical therapist and she has been so great with them...

Briana A


Great atmosphere &nice knowledgeable staff! Made my knee surgery rehab painless.. I'm sure without there help I wouldn't have been able to return back to work as quick as I will be able too! Thanks Doctor Rob

Mario R


The staff is fantastic and knowledgeable and they really make you feel comfortable. Great attention to each and every individual. I look forward to going to therapy because I know I'm going to get better.

Mike P


Dr. Robert J. Inglis and his team are very knowledgeable and super nice. They truly care about their patients and will do all they can to help.

John B


Bio Motor Academy program has been great for my daughter.  Highly recommend it.

Bryan D


I have been going there about 2 years due to an accident, I was hit by a bus and suffered major damage.  The whole staff has been excellent and I have made great strides in  getting me back.

Leon G

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