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Physical Therapy Specialists has built its reputation by providing the best physical therapy in Brea, CA. Providing “personalized care” is just the beginning. We take it to the next level by focusing on a holistic approach to pain that emphasizes mindfulness, nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness.

Understanding how pain influences both the neuro-sensory system and the musculoskeletal system is the key to managing and relieving pain and discomfort. How much pain you are in depends on many factors, not just tissue injury. Our physical therapists will identify these factors and create a comprehensive holistic solution for resolving pain and building a foundation for long term success.

Physical Therapy is a carefully mapped journey

Physical therapy is more than just massage, hot packs, and exercise. Our best outcomes are seen when we combine the latest technologies with innovative unique treatment techniques. You won’t get this level of compassionate care anywhere in Brea, CA or Orange County for that matter.

1. Personalized Evaluation: We wanna hear your story

Your story and lifestyle matters to us. We began by listening to your detailed history of pain or injury and how it began. Based on your responses each new patient receives a comprehensive individual physical evaluation with one of our highly skilled physical therapists where we identify not just the symptoms of pain but the core underlying issues.

2. Hands-On Manual Therapy allowing you to feel better after one visit

We use an eclectic approach combining manual therapy techniques with advanced technologies including thermotherapy, cupping, taping, IASTM, laser technology, vibration, and electrical stimulation. Although these techniques may seem simple, if used correctly they can be extremely powerful and effective in reducing pain in just a matter of a few minutes. When pain levels recede, treatments will focus on restoring the mobility of joints, flexibility of the muscles, and retraining movement. This is known as resetting the neurosensory pain pathways.

3. Loading the Muscular System: Confidence continues to grow

Once the reset occurs following hands on manual orthopedic therapy listed above, we proceed to guide patients through corrective exercises. Futhermore, our patients are given instructions on corrective exercise techniques that will restore normal functional movement. While coordination and movement improve, strengthening techniques are introduced to help stabilize the patient’s posture and “lock in” the correct movements. Finally, more advanced exercise techniques will be introduced to ensure patients are able to tolerate the physical demands of normal, everyday activity as well as any fitness and/or athletic programs they wish to participate in.

4. Education Equals Empowerment

This is the key to achieving long term success. Our role as therapists is to provide you with solutions. Although what therapists do in the clinic may feel good, its what you do the other 23 hours of the day that makes the difference. We help you discover what it takes to take control of your pain at home guide you through the continued recovery process when you leave the clinic for a sustained pain-freee life.

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With several physical therapists working at PTS, we have the breadth of expertise to offer specialized care in almost every physical therapy niche. Our friendly staff can help with a variety of physical issues. Whether you need help with back pain or TMJ treatment, Orange County’s highest ratede experts in physical therapy are at PTS.


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