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We are passionate about providing our clients with an exceptional experience that includes the best in clinical expertise, customer service, convenience, and cost effectiveness (results with fewer visits and less financial burden).

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Cost Effectiveness:

"Before starting physical therapy I was unable to use my right arm for more than 15 minutes without tingling, numbness, and shooting pain. After a round of 6 treatments my symptoms decreased." – B.M.

"Prior to my experience at PTS, I had 12 weeks of PT at a different facility and experienced very little improvement. After my sessions here at PTS my pain has decreased dramatically. My results are truly amazing!" - B.T.

"Before starting therapy I could not fully raise my left arm above my head without forcing the motion and experiencing pain. After a few short weeks of therapy my range of motion has greatly improved and the pain has decreased significantly." – J.Z.

"Prior to my surgery, Robert and his staff encouraged me to keep a routine of training which I feel made a big difference in making my recovery quicker than I had anticipated. I appreciate the personal attention given by everyone (here), especially by Robert and Marissa. Although this was my first (and hopefully last) injury requiring physical therapy, I feel fortunate to have found a facility as helpful as Physical Therapy Specialists. Thanks and keep up the good work." - J.F.

Clinical Expertise:

"I have never been to a physical therapist that takes the avenues and has the persistence that they do at PTS. After coming here, my range of motion has increased and I am able to exercises pain free." - T.G.

"I'd like to thank you for the positive experienceI've enjoyed at Physical Therapy Specialists. The staff is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, empathetic, and works well in dealing with patients of all ages, conditions, degrees of fitness, etc. The facility is spacious and clean, and the atmosphere is one of warmth and friendliness. I am pleased with the treatment I've received from Bob Inglis and the rest of the staff. I would gladly recommend their services to friends and family members." - D.F.

"Going to physical therapy has fixed my problem. I can now comb my hair, carry grocery bags, open doors, and pick up my grandson when he runs into my arms. I feel great and strong! I can use my arm again without any pain!" - A.A.

"I can now stand, walk, and sit in a car longer with less pain! I have a better quality of life!" – M.L.

Customer Service:

"I want to tell you that when I required physical therapy recently, I chose Physical Therapy Specialists because I had a good past experience 5 yrs ago. I was happy that you develop an individualized and personal care program for each client. Starting slowly and safely, I gained range of motion and then muscle strength for a comfortable, rapid recovery. I will continue to recommend Physical Therapy Specialists to others whenever I have the opportunity. Thank you again!" - C.M.

"I love the team at PTS. They're very thorough, respectful, and friendly. The facility is clean and in great condition!" - S.P.

"After coming to physical therapy, my pain level has decreased. My experience with therapy has been positive and the service I have been given was very professional and excellent!" - G.P.

"The therapists and staff at PTS went above and beyond to help me get better and figure my shoulder problems. They spent time with me and made sure I was doing my exercises correctly. They did not make me feel like I was just another paying customer." - S.W.

"I have been coming to Physical Therapy Specialists for several months for treatment of back pain due to a serious car accident. The staff is amazing; courteous, on time, friendly, and ready to help in any way possible. I recently added acupuncture to my regimen and it helped tremendously. I would recommend Physical Therapy Specialists whole-heartedly to anyone in need of a caring, attentive therapy staff." - J.S.

"Therapy here has helped me tremendously. The concern and welfare given has made treatments considerably more bearable. I would certainly recommend Physical Therapy Specialists to anyone in need. All the physical therapists exude professionalism and concern. It makes for a very comfortable environment." - T.M.

"I have been impressed with the treatment I have received at Physical Therapy Specialists. I feel that they are very interested in fixing my problem. They have been very easy to work with. Thanks." - M. L.

Orthopedic Therapy:

"My therapist "fixed" me with the manual therapy technqiues and the wide variety of demanding exercises. I was inspired to work hard. I don't think anyone would think that I have had both hips replaced. My therapist was wonderful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional and a good person. She was just the inspirational coad I needed to make it through my therapy. I highly recommend them."

"I higly recommend the facility PTS. The front staff is professional, the therapy assistants are very able, there are many treatment rooms for privacy and all kinds of workout equipment to get rehab done right."

"It's my six-month anniversary for my left hip replacement! I am thriving, exercising a lot, and take kickboxing three mornings a week. My kicks are steadily getting higher and stronger. Fellow exercisers tell me how well I walk now."

"PTS kindness, patience and smiles have helped me endure the last coupld of months of recovery from a new knee. Thank you so much. it has been a successful journey thanks to you."

Sports Medicine:

"I am so grateful for the wonderful physical therapists and trainers at Physical Therapy Specialists. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and personable. They worked to get me back on the field as quickly as possible. Thank you, Physical Therapy Specialists!" - E.S.

"Thanks again to each of you for being so great and helping me through my physical therapy. You run a top-notch facility and your crew is the wonderful (from the front desk to the therapy floor)." - O.T.

Pediatric Therapy:

"I cannot explain how grateful I am for the therapuetic services my son has recieved at PTS. His therapists is so knowledgable of all areas of her discipline and her specialization in the area of sensory processing was an added bonus for us. In addition to one-on-one therapy, I feel the home program and parent education component that we have recieved his priceless. My son has made more progress than I would have ever dreamed and I consider ourselves blessed that we have found such a wonderful PT practice with excellent clinicians." - E. M. (mother of 4 y/o son with SPD and gross motor weakness)

"My almost 4-year-old daughter Kennedy has been seeing both Krista and Kim for therapy since the clinic opened. Her disease severely limits her physical abilities, but both therapists are constantly coming up with new exercises for her. Under their care, she has thrived. Despite the degenerative nature of her disease she is actually stronger now in many areas. I would recommend Kim and Krista to anyone for their child's physical therapy needs." - J.S (mother of a 4 y/o daughter with SMA)

Bio-Motor Athletic Academy:

"Words cannot express how glad we are that we made a decision to enroll our son into the athletic program. It very quickly became noticeable that Jack was gaining muscle mass as well as getting stronger. It was never more apparent then at his first baseball practice after fracturing his spine in November. His father and I were astounded at his speed and agility on the field as well as the power behind his swings. Jack has always struggles with his hitting, but that night, he was hitting them over the fence! Even the other parents were asking what Jack had been doing because he truly was playing like a different kid. His father was speechless when he saw him hitting" - T.G.

"Hi Robert, I am writing to say thank you for introducing the Bio Motor Academy to Placentia Yorba Linda National Junior Basketball at our annual coach's clinic. Our coaches received great information and insight to the ever changing world of youth athletics and training. The drills and concepts you introduced have been installed by many of our coaches this season. I would also like to thank you for the fantastic progress you are making with my 2 sons in their preparation for Servite Football. Their progress is outstanding and I look forward to seeing the end result in a few months. It is my belief that benefits gained by training in the Bio Motor Academy will give them a leg up on the competition!" - Anthony Iannone, President PYLNJB & President Pumas Basketball

Cutting Edge Speed:

"I wanted to thank you for working with our team during the Fall 2014 season. I was impressed with your drills and exercises that helped the boys take quicker first steps. Your exercises I believe helped their coordination and helped them become better soccer players. I believe the coordination enhancement helped the boys speed up their play and their decision making. I hope to work with you in the future." - Hector Munivez, Head Coach, Chelsea Club U14 Boys

"I highly recommend Robert's classes because his program emphasizes good technique and good understanding of mechanics of movement patterns. Every soccer player needs to be exposed to a variety of challenging combinations of movement as possible. As a result, speed and agility will dramatically improve. Quite often speed development can be hindered by a "laid back" approach that just goes through the motions. This is not that kind of program. This program emphasizes an organized progression of drills and techniques that will give young soccer players the speed skills they need to excel." - Manny Toledo, El Dorado HS soccer coach & Technical Director

"Robert Inglis trained our Chelsea Boys 14 team this past fall season. Robert worked with them on Speed and agility and strength training for three months once a week. Robert was very professional and dependable. He pushed the boys to improve and work to their limit every session. Our team placed 3rd out of 18 teams in the SCDSL tier three bracket for the 2014 fall season." - Jennifer Sanchez, Team Mom

"Being a highly active overhead athlete, getting back to competition level is essential for me. Robert has worked wonders on both my shoulder and my back and I'm well on my way to 100%." -Jamie Subanahi, Professional Badmitton Athlete.

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