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Orange County Orthopedic Physical Therapy

What Is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on the assessment and minimization of pain by treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Orthopedic therapy addresses problems with joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Post-surgical as well as non-surgical conditions are treatable with this approach. The goal of orthopedic treatment is to promote optimal tissue regeneration and increase bio-motor function.  

Here at PTS, our orthopedic specialists use a variety of techniques to diminish pain and correct movement impairments. Below are some examples of the treatments and procedures we use which separate us from other Orange County physical therapists.

• Orthopedic Manual Therapysports-physical-therapy-rehab-oc

Orthopedic manual therapy is a specialized approach from Norway that Dr. Inglis has practiced extensively. The technique utilizes a specific algorithm for examination with a focus on tissue-specific diagnosis. Manual therapy addresses the source of the problem. The treatments combine tissue-specific exercises with joint mobilization techniques. Instead of following a typical orthopedic treatment protocol for general lower back pain, using manual therapy we find precisely where the pain is coming from and treat that specifically.

• Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are physical activities that focus on restoring and building: strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. The goal is to help our injured patients resume their regular daily activities pain-free. All physical therapists at PTS are certified to perform orthopedic manual therapy and are professionally trained to treat orthopedic disorders effectively.

• Advanced Technology

We focus on the integration of technology and physical therapy. Technology, in combination with hands-on, manual therapy and corrective therapeutic exercises, is the most effective way to help patients move pain-free. Our practice uses cutting-edge cold laser technology, hot and cold therapy, iontophoresis, biometric feedback, and other medical devices together to aid the regenerative process.

Orthopedic physical therapy treats patients with both non-surgical and post-surgical conditions. The following health conditions are commonly addressed by our skilled orthopedic physical therapists.  

  • acute and chronic low-back and neck pain
  • muscle-tension headaches
  • general arthritic complaints
  • hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • shoulder pain
  • muscle strains and joint sprains

In addition, post-surgical rehabilitation is critical for successful recovery from operations such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, total hip and knee replacement, shoulder decompression, and a variety of surgical spine procedures.

To learn more about how our highly trained Orange County physical therapists can help restore function in your musculoskeletal system call for a free screening today at 714-528-9400.

At Physical Therapy Specialists, our therapists are required to complete post graduate training specializing in manual physical therapy techniques. Manual orthopedic therapy encompasses the clinical components of biomechanics (joint movement), histology (tissue and cell regeneration), neuro-physiology(muscle response to pain), traumatology (inflammatory and healing processes), and exercise physiology (exercise techniques). Dr. Inglis is a clinical instructor for physical therapy programs at Chapman University, Loma Linda University and Western University.

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