Ultimate Athlete Program

Ultimate Athlete Program

How would you like to be given a chance for your youth athletes to become faster, stronger and more injury-free and DOMINATE in their sports?

It happens all too often. Promising youth sports athletes burning out or suffering debilitating injury before ever realizing their full potential. No high school glory days. No college scholarship. Their dream, ended before it’s begun.


As well meaning as they can be, many coaches and parents don’t realize that kids are not little adults and should not be expected to perform athletically like adults. Too often, young athletes are exposed to training methods that are well beyond their structural and neurological abilities. There are critical times during a child’s development where they respond best to specific training methods. If they are not trained properly during these “sensitive” periods, they risk falling behind and have difficulty catching up with the rest of their peers.

These are the abilities ALL athletes need in order to reach their potential:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Endurance

Program Info & Schedules

Developing a Bio-Motor Base in Young Athletes

Bio-Motor Training Academy uses an internationally field tested and success-proven system for athletes 6-18. The training model is based on specific age groups.

Our emphasis is to teach quality movements therefore we limit the class size to 4-6 athletes to make sure that proper techniques and foot work is performed and practiced correctly.

Click the title of each level listed below to learn more about each age-specific level of programs.

The Ultimate Athlete Program (Ages 10-18)
This semi-private training is for serious athletes between 10-18 y/o wanting to take performance to the next level. Each athlete is evaluated for areas of weaknesses or deficits. A customized program is designed that will focus on various aspects of athleticism including mobility, strength, power, speed, coordination, and core stability. Programs are modified every 3-4 weeks to ensure ongoing results and performance. Each program is specific to sport demands and schedule (off season vs on season). Programs are by appointment only.

There are 3 programs available:

  • 6 weeks for $299
  • 8 weeks for $349
  • 12 weeks for $450

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Cutting Edge Speed Workshops (Ages 10 - 14)
These programs are designed specifically for small groups or teams between 10-14 years old. To excel at any sport, an athlete needs to be able to move and react quickly. Developing speed and quickness requires power, coordination and proper foot work. Workshops focus on technical aspects of deceleration, acceleration, explosiveness, cutting/agility, jumping, and reaction timing.

Classes are offered: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6-7pm and last 6 weeks. Two days per week of speed training is highly encouraged to ensure optimal results.

  • Individual Rates: $129 for 1 session per week for 6 weeks
  • Individual Rates: or $179 for 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks
  • Group Rates: $89 per session.

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PlyoPower Classes (Ages 9 - 13)
These classes are designed for the beginning athlete ages 9-13 years old. Every athlete needs to develop a solid foundation of strength, coordination and balance. These classes encourage movement exploration, game play and athletic development.

Classes are offered: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 pm.
  • Individual Rates: $129 for 1 session per week for 6 weeks
  • Individual Rates: or $179 for 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks
  • Group Rates: $89 per session.

Call us at 714.528.9400 to learn more!

As a trained physical therapist and certified youth conditioning specialist, I develop a base of bio-motor abilities through a broad, multilateral approach that becomes more targeted as the athlete gets older and becomes more skilled. Each child is assessed and provided guidance for future athletic development. I don’t make better soccer or basketball or baseball players. I make better athletes. This will improve performance in all sports and at all levels of play. Skills that will improve as a result of Bio-Motor Training: Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina, Power, Quickness.

At The Bio-Motor Athletic Academy, Young Athletes Will Discover:

  • How to improve their speed on the field or courts
  • Why changing directions faster than your opponent is critical to your success as an athlete
  • Ways to develop strength that translates to the field or court
  • How to run with proper body mechanics
  • Exercises and drills to improve power
  • How improved aerobic endurance is the foundation for athletic success

The days of training these areas with wind sprints, laps, and endless series of pushups and crunches are over. We implement a proven system that has been used with thousands of athletes worldwide to help them become faster, stronger, and more powerful.

Our programs are geared around making training enjoyable by including drills and activities that not only help the athletes get stronger and faster but also do it in a way that makes it enjoyable so they are begging to come back for more.

Robert is certified through the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Our therapists specialize in pediatrics and fitness development. We are advocates of the kaizen philosophy which is the long term approach toward athletic improvement that empowers kids to acheive success.

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