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Bio-Motor Academy FAQ

Bio-Motor Academy FAQ

How would you like to be given a chance for your youth athletes to become faster, stronger and more injury-free and DOMINATE in their sports?

1. What is so different about our program?

Training young athletes and youth fitness participants aged 6 – 18 is very misunderstood within this industry. There are very sensitive and specific styles of exercise stimulus that are necessary at certain ages along the developmental spectrum and, although widely popular in our current marketplace, many youth fitness programs find themselves unable to generate long-term client adherence due to this lack of knowledge and applied understanding.

Our program uses curriculum that is an internationally field-tested and success-proven system for training clients aged 6 – 18 through a developmental process that encompasses both athletic and non-athletic participants. It is built to ensure that kids will improve their athletic performance and have fun doing it.

Call us now at 714-528-9400 and ask about our exclusive training system.


2. Am I able to enroll my son or daughter into a quick 2 or 3 week program so that they can get faster right away?

Sport performance training and youth fitness cannot occur optimally in such a short amount of time. It’s just like school. You couldn’t complete 2nd Grade in 3 weeks and you couldn’t obtain a Master’s Degree before you go through high school and earn a Bachelors.

Training for optimal performance in sport and life is a process. The most effective gains that guarantee success and dramatically reduce the risk of injury are based on learning specific fitness skills, perfecting them over time and then building on them systematically.

Call us now at 714-528-9400 and ask how our training system works and where your young athletes fit into our program.


3. Why is Bio-Motor Athletic Academy so much less expensive than other training centers?

That’s because our programs has been founded on the principle of long-term sport performance and fitness training. It does you no good whatsoever to try and cram as much speed, strength, flexibility and agility training into a short-term, 6 or 8 week program. Optimal results will never come like that.

We have a proven system that works and has been tested on more than 20,000 participants worldwide. Our goal is to keep you involved in our unique and effective system long-term so that we can guarantee your success.

Call us now at 714-528-9400 to learn more about our incredible long-term system and why we are dramatically less expensive than other training centers.


4. How does the schedule work at Bio-Motor Athletic Academy?

Another big difference with our program is our understanding that young children and their parents are heavily scheduled these days. That is why we have instituted block style scheduling for all of our classes. With this type of scheduling a young athlete can enroll in classes Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings.

In most cases there are 7 or more opportunities to schedule anywhere from 1-4 classes per week depending on the level of commitment outside of Bio-Motor Athletic Academy.

To see our class schedule give us a call 714-528-9400.


5. How will I see improvement in my son or daughter while they are enrolled in your program?

Each and every young athlete will under go a competency assessement to determine proper class placement and to evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Our innovative assessment battery gives us a complete picture of every athlete to ensure the direction and focus is appropriate and individualized. This data is recorded based on the rate of technical ability the young athlete displays during a number of selected movements.

Permanent and meaningful improvement can be shown by comparing data AND by simply watching the athlete move efficiently, effectively and injury free. In addition, our on going testing battery is offered as a goal for each young athlete to aspire to new levels of achievement and they are rewarded as such.

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