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Our Services

Spinal Core Restoration

Specialized biomechanical treatment for lower back pain, lumbar stenosis, lower back strains, rib pain, whiplash, breathing disorders and cervical neck pain.

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Effective approaches for patients wanting to avoid total knee or hip replacements as a result of hip and knee osteoarthritis.

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Athletic Development Programs

Our long term athletic training programs are designed to develop athletic strength, power, and explosiveness through using methods from the top sports coaches in the industry.

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Sports Medicine

Solutions for tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff, Achilles tendon ruptures, patella femoral disorders, knee sprains, ACL injuries and heel pain.

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Pediatric Therapy

Parents place their trust in our experienced and compassionate pediatric therapists. One on one personalized care.

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PTS Fit – Healthy Fit For Life

Private exercise programs that are designed for patients that want to stay active and healthy after they have recovered from an injury.

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Bio-Motor Academy FAQ

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TMJ Treatment

This program is one of the most effective TMD treatments in orange county. Combination of gentle soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and jaw movements.

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Balance & Falls Prevention

Our researched based balance and fall prevention program includes stepping strategies, strength training, and reactive timing.

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