Athletic Development Programs


Athletic Development Programs

Our Athletic Development programs are specifically designed for the young athlete that is striving for that “competitive edge” above the competition. Programs focus on long-term athletic development and skill acquisition that will prepare the young athlete for the rigorous demands of high school athletics.
According to most research, it takes 10 years of extensive training to excel in anything. Our programs are based on the first 2 stages of 6 stage athletic development model for specialization. Training emphasizes the ABC’s of athleticism- Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed. We have trained competitive, young athletes from ages 9 to 17 participating in volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and tennis. Our athletic development programs consist of 2 unique programs based on the developmental needs of the young athlete.

These two developmental stages are the most critical stages of athletic acquisition.

Athletes who miss this phase of training will not reach their full potential. Often times, athletes will plateau during the later stages of their career because they did not spend enough time preparing and developing fundamental athletic movements. During these stages, we “make or break an athlete”.

Needed For All Field & Court Team Sports

To excel at any sport, an athlete needs to be able to move and react quickly. Developing speed and quickness requires power, coordination and proper footwork. Workshops focus on technical aspects of linear and lateral speed, directional changes, deceleration, acceleration, explosiveness, cutting/agility, jumping, and reaction timing.

Classes are offered: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6-7pm and last 6 weeks. Two days per week of speed training is highly encouraged to ensure optimal results.

  • Individual Rates: $129 for 1 session per week for 6 weeks
  • Individual Rates: or $179 for 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks
  • Group Rates: $89 per session.

Prepares Youth Athletes for Demands of HIgh School Competition

This semi-private training is for serious athletes between 10-18 y/o wanting to take performance to the next level. Each athlete is evaluated for areas of weaknesses or deficits. A customized program is designed that will focus on various aspects of athleticism including mobility, strength, power, speed, coordination, and core stability. Fundamental weight training movements are introduced and mastered, as well as learning how to correctly perform plyometrics, jumping and landing mechanics. Programs are modified every 3-4 weeks to ensure ongoing results and performance. Each program is specific to sports demands and schedule (offseason vs season. Programs are by appointment only.

There are 3 programs available:

  • 6 weeks for $299
  • 8 weeks for $349
  • 12 weeks for $450
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