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Excel Performance Training for Youth

Orange County’s Elite Youth Athletic Development Program

Our Orange County Athletic Development programs are specifically designed for the young athlete that is striving for that “competitive edge” above the competition. Programs focus on long-term athletic development and skill acquisition that will prepare the young athlete for the rigorous demands of high school athletics.



“Words cannot express how glad we are that we made a decision to enroll our son into the athletic program. It very quickly became noticeable that Jack was gaining muscle mass as well as getting stronger. It was never more apparent then at his first baseball practice after fracturing his spine in November. His father and I were astounded at his speed and agility on the field as well as the power behind his swings. Jack has always struggles with his hitting, but that night, he was hitting them over the fence! Even the other parents were asking what Jack had been doing because he truly was playing like a different kid. His father was speechless when he saw him hitting” – T.G.

5 Goals of our Athletic Development Program

Excel Performance Training is a safe, effective and balanced program designed to help kids thrive. I have created programs for my own kids using the latest research and proven protocols used by the experts in youth sports today.

 Our Main goals include:

  • Training youth athletes 11-17 years on how to move better
  • Prevent Injuries by focusing on how to jump and land and change directions quickly
  • Teach kids how to properly lift weights
  • Improve overall athletic speed, agility, and power.
  • Educate Parents on the correct way to train your kids

We prepare your child for the demands of High School competition

This semi-private training is for serious athletes between 11-17 y/o wanting to take performance to the next level. Each athlete is evaluated for areas of weaknesses or deficits. A customized program is designed that will focus on various aspects of athleticism including mobility, strength, power, speed, coordination, and core stability. Fundamental weight training movements are introduced and mastered, as well as learning how to correctly perform plyometrics, jumping and landing mechanics. Programs are modified every 3-4 weeks to ensure ongoing results and performance. Each program is specific to sports demands and schedule (offseason vs season. Programs are by appointment only.

There are 3 programs available:

  • 6 weeks for $299
  • 8 weeks for $349
  • 12 weeks for $450
Call us at 714.528.9400 to learn more!
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